Floor 31000,12  –  Restaurant

Mosaic path surrounding the bar entirely handmade. Located in the Camille restaurant in Cesson-Cévigné (35), the alto agency has created a warm atmosphere for the piano bar.
We created a 20m2 mosaic on the floor, in a fan pattern, in Winckelmans porcelain stoneware,

Graphic design: Chifoumi Studio
Mosaic : Chifoumi Studio
Agency: Atlo
Installation: Dolce Carrelage

Thanks to : Lucie Dhermain, Cécile Quérol, Camille Balicki and Pauline Jeaneau

The fan in all its splendour

The fan motif is a classic in mosaics. Timeless and elegant, it is still the most popular, and its execution is very rigorous. It will dress your space with refinement, on the floor as well as on the wall.

We also worked with black fans on the mosaic of “Le Procope”, the oldest brasserie in Paris, founded in 1686.

>>>> See the Le Procope mosaic

Discover also the fans in shades of white behind the logo of the Akéna Hotel in Rezé.

>>>> See the AKENA Hotel mosaic

mosaic floor
mosaic in progress at the workshop
final touch-up and mosaic installation
mosaic project
mosaic floor in french restaurant
floor mosaic in french restaurant
wip scales mosaic
fan mosaic
mosaic glue
on-site mosaic installation
french mosaic typography

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