Wall frescoes – Hotellerie

This 1m x 1m70 porcelain stoneware mural, in the colours of the Akena logo, welcomes you with elegance and refinement at the entrance to the hotel, with its fan-shaped background, its fine logo and its brass rod finish. This mosaic is made with the large fresco of the elephant for Hotel Akena de Rézé

Client : AKENA Hotel
Installation and Joints : Julien Hamard Tiler




Each piece of handmade art will be unique to each hotel, giving them their own identity.

The Akena logo will now adorn the receptions of each new hotel.

These collaborations with artists reveal one of the fundamental pillars of the group: the human being, at the heart of each project.
The construction of this eco-responsible establishment illustrates the desire of Akena hotels to diversify their offer and to differentiate themselves from other French hotel groups.

Création du logo Akena en mosaïque
I find that mosaics are both ultra-modern and at the same time guarantee a certain form of timelessness, since the first known works can be found as far back as 8000 years ago. The mosaic is so present in our culture, that through the ages it is almost like the red thread of history and civilizations.

It is therefore also the nobility of this art that motivated me.

The result goes beyond my expectations, not only does the work decorate our hotel, but today, the mosaics are perceived as a symbol both by their representation (the elephant of the island’s machines and the Akena logo, named after our franchisor) and by the fact that they are mosaics, whose nobility is no longer in question.

Norbert Le Menelec


Logo Akena Hotel par Chifoumi Studio, détail de la mosaïque.
Fond motif éventail en gres cérame nuance de blanc
Détail de la mosaïque du logo Akena Hotel
Détail du fond éventail du logo Akena Hotel par Chifoumi Studio
Mosaïque Akena detail signature chifoumi studio, finition baguettes en laiton
Mosaïque de l'accueil de l'hotel Akena
Detail de la mosaïque en cours